Friday, August 13, 2004

cat forces down plane

Me and Victoria are going to spend a few days cat-sitting for my parents in London next week. I just spoke to my dad, who said "Now I don't want you and Vic to get too upset if the cat ignores you next week, which she may well do. What we find is that if your mother and I go into the garden she will often come and sit with us, and she likes that. Although she'll always insist on having a radius of at least six feet between herself and either of you". Makes you wonder what the point of cats is! Strange creatures.

But then I read that "a plane was forced back to earth after a bad-tempered cat attacked the pilot. Gin was travelling to a cat show when he escaped from his cage after his owner fell asleep.
He found his way into the cockpit, where he took an instant dislike to the co-pilot, reports Sky News. The cat was "very aggressive and scratched the co-pilot", forcing the crew to return to the airport, a SN Brussels spokesman said. The plane, carrying 62 people from Brussels to Vienna, had been in the air for 20 minutes when it was forced to turn back"
. Excellent.

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