Thursday, August 12, 2004

Assistant mailing list message

Just a quick reminder that Assistant are playing tonight at the Pavilion Tavern in Brighton and that your support would, as always, be much appreciated. Unless you made it up to London last month tonight should see the unveiling of two songs new to you; a fast instrumental (which I played really badly in London) and a reworked version of Engines and Anvils.

And the usual Pav Tav rules apply besides; in other words, we’re on first (at 8.30), it’s free and you can buy cheap drinks apparently, although pubs never seem to offer the drinks you want in these promotions, do they? Hmm. Well, if you bought me a drink you could make it a cheap one? How’s that for a sales pitch? No, maybe not.

Other bands playing are Decora and Elite. As usual if you collar one of us and say hallo we’ll be happy to give you a CD – and if you want one and can’t make it tonight just email me or leave a comment and I’ll sort it out.

venue details:
the Royal Pavilion Tavern,
7–8 Castle Square
Tel: 01273 827641

Download You Should Know or What It Means (live) or Freaks.

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