Saturday, August 21, 2004

departing london

As we get ready to leave London to return south the weather - miraculously - improves; sigh - it has not been the sunniest of breaks, then. Still, the return of the sun offers further proof that Brighton is the place to be - looking forward to getting back there. But just getting up at the moment: opening blinds, putting away last night's washing up, and clearing up the four piles of cat shit which my parents' pet left us in the night. She is the most nervous, jumpy cat there ever is; but in this instance the fault lies not with her but with her catflap, which malfunctioned in the night.

Waking around oneish, Vic assured me that someone was trying to break into the house. Hearing a light pattering I told her it was the rain and went back to sleep; leaving her awake and cursing me. For a start, it isn't even raining. In retrospect it must have been the cat bashing her head on the catflap. I would give her a reassuring cuddle (the cat, I mean) if she didn't look at me with utter horror every time I approach, clearly having decided that I have come here to kill her.

Well, will probably be back to sporadic blogging for the next week or so as our new flat doesn't have broadband yet, and I'm planning to try to spend a bit less time in front of the computer anyway. Vic says I'm addicted. I refute the allegation, but all the same.... I did wake up and log straight on. Hmm. Anyway - you can keep going, of course - so start with Andrew's report of last night's Oom gig and then watch this for me for confirmation that Spurs have signed Michael Carrick - I gather it should be announced soon. Yay.

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