Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Here you go then...

A big percentage of people who come to my site appear to be on the lookout for any story as long as there is some piranha angle, judging by my stats. Well, I sympathise. I like a good piranha story as much as the next man, and can only assume the surge in interest in recent days is down to the story of a boy who had his finger half-bitten off by one of the vicious little bastards in a public fountain in Hong Kong. However, assuming you've seen that story, I just dredged up another couple of links.

In the Guardian, a tale of fishy frolics down the Amazon with David Atkinson.

Hook, line and skewer ... David Atkinson hopes the piranha won't make a meal of him first. Photo: Patricia Portocarrero (The Guardian)

And elsewhere, courtesy of a random google search... the comic character we've all been waiting for.


See how this description grabs you: "The whole image of Piranha was the first thing to come...this crazy, mysterious, snarling and very dangerous looking woman with her huge metal coat and a giant fish for a hat"

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