Monday, June 21, 2004

Random Acts Of Reality

Sometimes you come across a blog which you know you can't compete with. Random Acts Of Reality, by Reynolds, is such a blog. Superbly written, in turn horrific and moving, his daily account of life as an emergency paramedic in a London ambulance is really fascinating reading.

A brief quote, just to give you some idea...

I'm writing this on the move, once more towards occupational health, however for once it's not actually for me, but instead my crewmate. (He has a dodgy shoulder). The first job of the day was a classic early morning job, 87 year old male who had collapsed or fell last night (he didn't know which) and had spent the night laying on the bathroom floor. The first thing he said to me as I entered the room was "Hello, how are you?". Luckily he wasn't injured but we took him to hospital for a check-up anyway. His wife told us he was 87, "which is old for a man". What annoyed me was that these two lovely old folk were living in a group of flats that had a drug-dealer and prostitutes working out of. It doesn't seem like a nice retirement for a lifetime of work, and service in the army during World War II., but it's something we see time and time again.

There's plenty more, and much that is genuinely affecting. Read it.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers for the mention, very much appreciated.

-Tom Reynolds <=Spampot, do not use.