Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Not the real Jim Cousins MP

Jim Cousins is the Labour member of Parliament (MP) for the Central Ward in Newcastle upon Tyne.

From the Jim Cousins (or "Not the real Jim Cousins Blog").

"This blog is not run by Jim Cousins nor is it endorsed by him. In fact at the time of writing this he will never have even heard of it. All posts are by me and will publicise his parliamentary speeches, appearances in the press, useful links and other interesting tidbits. I'll try not to put any bias into anything I put up but I can't promise that. For the record I think Jim, from what I have read so far, has pretty similar political views to myself. I'm sure I'll find out for definite the more I update this site.

The blog's primary aim is to let his constituents see what he is up to, to find out if he is their ideal person to represent them and most importantly to make their views heard.

If the real Jim Cousins ever finds out about this blog he can have it, and the associated gmail address, as long as he keeps it up to date. How good an offer is that? Nice, easy to use way to get in touch with his constituents. For free. Come and get it Jim".

What a great idea.

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