Sunday, June 13, 2004

beat - dead beat

Well, not entirely surprising that England lost, in the context of the two teams' overall ability. But still a thoroughly galling way to lose, so late in the day. Located some choice phrases of Gallic incredulity from the BBC 'French slang' page and texted them to an exultant Anne-Sophie. Think that confused her.

Faintly appalling, once again, to be at the end of a weekend, especially one which felt at times that it offered that precious thing; enough time. Generally we went to bed late and rose early, meaning our days were long. Saturday felt like a Sunday. Yet now it is Sunday, late on a Sunday and all the time I had feels thrown away, because it's work again tomorrow and I'm still tired.

This is the way it is, though. Must sober up and go to bed. Je vais tomber dans les pommes.

Goodnight x

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