Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Dumb Britain; and the Wu-Brighton connection

Apologies for ripping Private Eye off so shamelessly, but there was a wonderful moment on ITV's The Vault last night.

Melanie Sykes: "What is the term used to describe constant worrying over real or imagined symptoms?"
Contestant 1: "Homophobia" (cue much audience laughter).
Melanie Sykes: "Afraid not. Anyone else?"
Contestant 2: "Munchausen's syndrome?"

K-Punk links out to a fascinating article by Abe on the culture of mix-tapes in US Hip Hop; a really interesting feature and something I didn't know about. I've listened to some of Ghostface's new 'Pretty Toney' album and it's wonderful; the idea that there are tons of superior songs floating around is exciting. Accordingly, I downloaded his My Guitar last night and Abe is right: it's stunning.

Rather tremendously, I just found that when the Wu-Tang were in Brighton a couple of weeks ago they stayed in a rather hip Brighton hotel which is notable, amongst other things, for being next door to our flat. The idea that the entire Wu (or those of them who made it over to England) were no more than twenty metres away from me just the other day is, frankly, mind-boggling.

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