Sunday, June 13, 2004

Blair / the John Barnes rap

Andrew, over at his Bedsit Bomber blog, is still digesting the results of the council elections, and musing on the Blair problem. Do we want rid of him now? After the election? At all? Michael Moore thinks he knows the answer, and has announced that his next film will concentrate on Blair's role in the Iraq war.

He likens Blair "to an older sibling of Bush's" and says that, "as a parent, when two children get in trouble, the parent usually questions the older one as to how he or she could let such a problem occur". Blair knows better, he says. Blair is not an idiot. "So what is he doing hanging around with this guy?". You can read more (well, essentially exactly what I've just re-hashed), here.

Andrew BB also maintains his excellent run of posts with another dazzling piece of investigative journalism, here.

"Former Conservative leader, Sir Desmond Plummer,", Andrew writes, wholly falsely, "was alleged to have ordered millions of oak saplings to be planted throughout working-class Bermondsey and Rotherhithe during the late 1960s. These would eventually have flourished, destroying the local housing and creating a forest teeming with fish, fowl, and game. Tory grandees would roam the open areas on horseback, hunting both cockney man and beast alike with hawks and spaniels.

European election results coming through tonight, of course, as well as the first England game of Euro 2004. Gonna stick my neck out for a 2-1 England victory, for no reason other than alien feelings of a rare rush of Englishness. Rooney and Owen to score. Yes, Anne-Sophie, you may use the comments boxes tomorrow to laugh at me if France thrash us. I reserve the right to edit your comments, however :-)

Someone left a football at our place last night after we had a few people back after a barbecue down on the seafront, so me and Vic strolled down to the beach for a kickabout earlier. I can report that she has fair-to-middling technique with an over-reliance on the toe-punt rather than the instep, yet her tactical astuteness and good looks secure her place in the Assistant starting eleven. And she's better at playing catch than me.

Right, off to the pub in a minute.

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