Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Currently listening to....

1. Miss Kittin - I Com LP(gorgeous electro-house, and my favouriote chorus of the year:

"Mitsubishi, Suzuki, BMW, 123
Mitsubishi, Suzuki, BMW, XYZ")

2. New Order - Technique LP(this was never my favourite New Order LP. I can't think why. It is now).

3. Inifinite Livez - Bush Meat LP (really excellent UK Hip Hop)

4. Radio 4 - Party Crashers (nothing particularly striking about this, except that it does everything it's supposed to)

5. Shystie - One Wish (Really excellent; I've only heard this once or twice and it sounded brilliant. Need to hear it again)

1 comment:

shimazu333 said...

hay hows it going? my name is chris and i live in seattle. recently i hurd this song on the radio, it sounded like some japanese girl singing it. the grl kepts sayng "mitsubishi, suzuki, bmw, 123" somthing like that but it was a cool song and eversince i have been trying to find it somewhere, and i cant. do you know where i can get that song and who sings it? please email me at shimazu333@hotmail.com thanks~