Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Leeds / Assistant go Evil Devil

Arrived back from Leeds, where I've been attending a work-related conference since Sunday, late last night, after hours of patient, numbing travel. I refuse, however, to get upset about the state of the British railway system. I may as well get upset about the weather.

Travelling for work purposes is something I enjoy, generally, being a rare chance to escape my desk; it is also a golden chance to be taken seriously. There is something about arriving as a 'company representive' which apparently suggests gravity, whereas in truth as often as not you're simply there to stand behind, well, a stand.

I arrive back, meanwhile, to discover that Andrew, architect of the excellent Bedsit Bomber (both band and blog) has remixed Assistant's new recording of 'A Century', digging out and sculpting vocal snippets to create something completely new - a remix as a remix should be done, taking elements of the original and building up something original from it; right click and download it here.

Elsewhere, Victoria writes to tell me "the name of the latest British soldier to be killed in Iraq? Gordon Gentle." Ironic, perhaps, but not a joke, alas.

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