Thursday, June 17, 2004

the (ahem) iPod professor

A little out of date, but Michael Bull, a lecturer at the University of Sussex, is conducting some interesting research into iPod usage. Tempting though it is to get carried away by all this, does anyone else find it amazing quite how much significance people are affording the iPod? Not that it isn't a brilliant gadget, but weren't most people already starting to re-organise their record collections, burn their own CDs etc before the iPod's ubiquity was confirmed?

And is it really that very different, come to mention it, to the endless, endless hours of home taping that I used to do when I was a teenager? Being able to listen to the cream of my record collection in the order I choose is nothing new to me, I've been making myself (and friends) mix tapes for years.

Bulletin - University of Sussex Newsletter - iPod professor tunes into music on the move - 12th March 2004

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