Monday, June 21, 2004

Money for Nothing

From the Guardian's New media diary...:

"Still on the subject of iTunes, which was launched at London's Billingsgate market in front of an admiring audience who lapped up every word of Steve Jobs's speech, most of those holes in the catalogue are down to the independent labels' refusal to play ball. Because the indies were offered worse terms than the majors, some of the hottest bands of the moment including Franz Ferdinand and the White Stripes are missing. Users of the service were quick to get the message across by subverting the iMix facility, which allows users to submit their own favourite mix CDs for approval by others. The top-rated selection shortly after launch last week was called 'iTunes needs indies!' and consisted of just one track - Money for Nothing by Dire Straits."

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BB said...

Yes this issue about the indies is getting a lot of publicity, and I still haven't found a track that I want to buy.

Still, let's hope it doesn't turn into Apple-bashing (I saw an article in Metro over someone's shoulder this morning, and it looks like they were bitching at Apple because 79 pence is more expensive than 99 cents!)