Sunday, February 25, 2007

wine and mirrors

Michi just sent me this photo from Friday night - I really like the fact that on first glance it only shows half the people around the table, but then you notice Dave and Eleanor reproduced in the mirror behind us. Unfortunately Michi, being behind the camera, could not find a way to get in the shot herself. Because there's quite a lot of space in the middle of the photo, I cropped it to make the following - if you are one of the people who has been brutally chopped, I am sorry, no offence is intended, and I hope that no mysterious supernatural voodoo deaths ensue as a consequence.


Natalia said...

Who are these people, they are too stupid to be your real parents..

ah no...I can see Dave and Eleanor and Jonathan, did you get new friends you are keeping hidden from us (your real friends?)

tigerduck said...

no, these are MY friends :o).... oops i'm a bit sarcastic today :o))