Monday, February 19, 2007

artistic skills needed

Regular readers will no doubt be surprised to see so many posts on a Monday, as it's well known round these parts that Mondays are normally a bit of a creative write-off, as our regular appearance at Brighton's best pub quiz (which you can play at home here) every Sunday night tends to reduce me to a gibbering or bad-tempered wreck just in time for the start of the week. Made it through last night's unscathed, however, although we only managed to come third. Which leads me to the following.

Wanted: art student / professional animator
With experience / expertise / enthusiasm for clay modelling
to take part in a weekly social exercise / drinking marathon.

One of the better rounds in the quiz is one of the only ones which offers the lucrative reward of instant gratification - in other words, if you win the plasticine modelling round you get four free drinks there and then. The only problem, then, is that we're bloody rubbish at it, and the only person we know with the necessary skill to do it has got a broken arm and so is fundamentally useless. Worse still, our main rivals for the prize each week have suddenly recruited someone absolutely brilliant at modelling plasticine. This means their beautifully crafted and very funny entries win them not only alcohol and the right to boast (which I can just about handle) but also notoriety and admiring compliments from all and sundry (which makes me burn with rage). So I figure we need to broaden our skillset to recover some pride. Naturally we could do that by buying some plasticine and practising, but I was kind of hoping someone might just wanna come and do the hard work for us. Any applicants drop me a line.

In the meantime, this is our best effort so far. Sadly, it didn't win.
Although we did take maximum points the week before for this little number. Ignore the bloke in the background - that was just some guy in the pub.


Ali P said...

This is an astonishingly true to life plasticine model of Mr Park...I have no idea why your skills are not being embraced? It's that f**king rocker judge isn't it? What does he know. Perhaps you ought to model someone out of Aerosmith or AC DC it might go down better.

Personally, I thought the alien rocked...who made him?

Natalia said...

I prefer the pig of happiness with a gun.

Hey on Thurday night there is a docu on Channel four about Iran and stuff. You like that sort of thing, no?

jonathan said...

I think the pig of happiness was better too, but I don't have a picture of that. The alien above, for Ali's benefit, was supposed to depict the fact that Virgin were planning to send rich people to the moon in spaceships. As for who made it, it was a team effort!

Yep, that film about Iran looks good. We could have a big Iran party and wear roopooshes and eat chelow kebabs and shout about 'The Great Satan'!

Ok, just an idea.

Anonymous said...

Ali - don't be mean about Mike; he's one of your co-stars, after all, and you're just jealous 'cos his scene upstaged yours.

"And I go home and I think, 'what am I doing with my life'?"

That F***king Rocker Judge said...

Yes, last time i did remember to bring my camera, i got a great photo of Sandi's winning last effort (a plasticine version of a page from "The Joy Of Sex"), but before i could take any more photos all the other models had been uncerimoniously dumped in the bin by that new guy behind the bar!!!!!

As for Ali p........

Dear, oh dear - as all regular George quizzers will know i never judge the plasticine round, nor the Caption Competition, so that i can't be accused of bias towards any one team. The models are judged by the bar staff of the George (last week by the sadly now departed Dan and Julia)

Aerosmith or AC/DC??? That is so wide of the mark...if you want to impress me by modelling a pop or rock star, then a model of the lovely Betty Boo would be the way to go. And surely everybody knows that????

Check the blog tomorrow for Sunday's quiz...and some news about the new-look George.

jonathan said...

That's you told, Ali. Pow!

Mike, is it true that you are not biased towards any one team? We had always assumed that you were biased towards us, and only attend on that basis. Hmph.

Actually, BBC4 showed an AC/DC concert from 1975 the other week and I have to admit it was bloody good. My god, I thought I was too old to have a metal phase.

Oh, I am. That's OK then.

I got tickets to see Sonic Youth playing Daydream Nation in its intirety today. Hurrah hurrah hurray etc.

More random statements to follow soon.

mike said...

I don't actually own any AC/DC albums, but i saw that concert too, and it blew me away. (I mean i saw it on BBC4, i wasn't actually there...). It was a really good gig, exactly how all gigs should be; loud, crowded, sweaty etc. It was also interesting to see mid-70's Essex boys rockin' out!!!

What a great idea these gigs are where bands play an album in its entirety!! I missed the Lemonheads, but saw the Stooges, and that was great. What would be your ultimate album gig?? Off the top of my head, mine would be JAMC - Psychocandy. Short, but very sweet.

jonathan said...

Slanted and Enchanted, I think - it'd be wonderful to see Pavement back, especially if Gary Young could be involved again, although that would be pretty unlikely. On the other hand, I saw them play those songs at the time, so maybe I should go for something I never saw. Maybe Ride doing Nowhere. It would be amazing to see a fit and lean Happy Mondays doing Bummed but I suspect we'd never get an on-form enough version to make it as wonderful as it should be. You're right that seeing JAMC would be pretty unbeatable.