Wednesday, February 21, 2007

this week's free-writes

This week's free-writing is starting to emerge over on DanceDanceDance - three entries so far - in case you missed previous rounds, the idea is to take two or three minutes to write whatever you like, unedited and ill-considered, and publish it as it is. We've done a few so far, and there'll be more to come.

Here's a sentence from each of the ones Kat's published this week:

"It all seems so plausible from mid afternoon to sleeping time. But then morning comes."

"i feel like finally the heaviness is dripping out of my bones"

"the chores, which had seemed suddenly weightless and without complexity in the day just feel like a bit too much, too much for tonight"
I wonder if the fact that we write the free-writes on Mondays and Tuesdays effects the timbre of our contributions - certainly so far there's been a lot of introspection; all the feelings of beat-up mondays, hungover from weekends and dreading the week.

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Natalia said...


Not in my case.

I feel shit every day of the week.


Ah, joy