Thursday, February 01, 2007

caring sharing tories are a myth

A good point about David "Dave" Cameron's support for Labour's decision to not back an exemption for Catholic adoption agencies was made in the Guardian today. What a progressive chap he is!

"How heartening to hear young Dave Fotherington-Cameron so solidly behind our leader on gay adoption and the Equality Act this week, and how very satisfying to realise just how far he's come! Why, back in 2000 it was the considered opinion of the soon-to-be MP for Witney that scrapping Section 28 was part of a "deeply unpopular ... fringe agenda", and that St Tony had not only "moved heaven and earth to allow the promotion of homosexuality in schools", but also removed "the last recognition of marriage in the tax system" by abolishing the married couples' tax allowance. What's more, two years later, Dave actually voted against gay adoption, and then for an amendment to allow all unmarried couples except gays to adopt. So hasn't he done well!"
Ha ha.

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