Thursday, February 01, 2007

no more gauloises

Interesting to see that France is the lastest country to introduce a smoking ban - as of today it is prohibited to smoke in airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools, shops and offices . Smokers can continue puffing away and pretending to be Serge Gainsbourg in restaurants and bars until December, but that's it - smuggles of smokers on the streets of Paris will be a strange sight, but obviously it's a good move. Funny how momentum is really picking up on this now. We've got 'til July in the UK, of course.


Ali P said...

HOSPITALS?! Do you mean to say that those crazy french allowed smoking in hospitals as well?

Don't tell me you're still allowed to smoke on Air France at the are aren't you!


Derek in NYC said...

Ain't it grand to see the ultimate form of California political correctness now killing the Parisian cafe? Let the smoking ban begin, and watch the franchises take over. That's what the world gets when dorks (i.e. 'wallies') set social policy -- wallies who implement draconian governmental coercive laws to not allow any freedom of choice concerning tobacco. Why not some liberty, with some choices? Why not allow some establishments to ban cigarettes, and others to allow it if they so choose, and if the patrons are in favor?

Anonymous said...

Erm, no.

derek in NYC said...

Erm, yes