Thursday, February 15, 2007

new malkmus material soon

Longstanding Assistant Blog readers will be familiar with my linking to the excellent fluxblog, and anyone who's paid particularly close attention will note that Matthew Perpetua loves Pavement and Stephen Malkmus as much as I do, if not more. I've lost count of the times he's posted essential SM stuff, although if you trawl through the music category on this blog you'll find plenty of references to his posting.

At the moment he' s got a nice early version of new song Dragonfly Pie, which is well worth a listen, although I'm most excited by his enthusiasm for the current Jicks line up, which sees Sleater Kinney's Janet Weiss on the drums. "She's an unstoppable force", Matthew notes, "with a distinct, hard-hitting, fill-heavy style that complements Malkmus' post-Pavement songs so well that it seems as though they were made to play together, and pose creative challenges to one another". The new SM album is on its way soon, apparently; I can't wait, and I really hope they get over to the UK to promote it.

So, go download the new SM/Jicks tune here, chums.

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