Tuesday, October 11, 2005

web awards / new blog

It's the Brighton and Hove Web Awards again, hurray. I dunno if I can win it again or whether I'm ruled out, but you can nominate me here if you so wish; if you don't you should probably make a point of getting behind another one of the many excellent blogs over at Brighton Bloggers; my vote is going to Vik of The World Is Full of Pisswits, because I'm pleased she's blogging again, and her site is particularly ace. Andrew's incredibly successful Bloggers4Labour site and Paul's excellent Free Speed Nation have been excellent new additions to the brighton blogging roll call, too. I'm a raging egotist, however, and think I should win again. If I win it twice does that mean I can cancel all future competitions and install myself as blogging king of Brighton?

Ok, I think I'm getting ahead of myself.

That said, for anyone who's noticed the drop-off of posts about music recently, there are some on the way, as well as - finally - a new episode of the Assistant Blog Podcast. And, if you hate all the other stuff I blog about, you can avoid this site altogether in the future and head over to The Art of Noise, where me and Ben from the marvellous Silent Words Speak Loudest blog will be collating, comparing and contrasting our views on music in weeks to come. There'll still be music content here, it's just that it'll turn up there, too, and you get Ben, which is good value.

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