Wednesday, October 26, 2005

peel night (late notice)

For reasons unknown to me, I can watch pretty much every digital channel my freeview box can throw me at me, with the exception of BBC4, which is one of the only ones I actually want to watch. Well, it doesn't matter, as I'm just about to go out (to watch The Brakes, which I am tiring of being told is an 'indie rock supergroup' - which doesn't really do justice to the fact that it contains members of Electric Soft Parade, for chrissakes) so won't see BBC4's output anyway.

But, in case you see this; turn on, as it's Peel night and they're showing the Mark E Smith documentary that I'm still annoyed I missed last year and a PJ Harvey session and a programme about John, and his programme on the Undertones and.... it looks good.

So there you go.

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