Sunday, October 23, 2005


I've been misreading the term 'tumblelogs' all week as 'tumbleblogs', and only now, preparing to link over to Pete's interesting pair of articles on the subject, I notice that I've been imagining the 'b' and am trying to sift through my memory to recall whether I've been showing off how up-to-the-minute I am by talking about them (and getting the name wrong).

Ah well, whatever they are called, I share's Pete's interest. The principle being the tumbleloggers forget about the notion of blogging 'as journalism', forget about borders, text colours and titles and write fast, direct and interesting posts, as an almost stream-of-consciousness dialogue. A good idea.

You can read Pete's first post on the subject here, and the second here. There are some good links to check out, too.

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