Tuesday, October 25, 2005

a song a day

I've been trying to write a new song pretty much every day for the last week or so, because I'm out of practice and I thought it was a neat idea. Of the ones I've come up with so far, only one or two have much in the way of promise, but you develop a kind of short-term fluency if you get used to playing and recording regularly. Plus I've always liked the idea of an Assistant box-set of all the early, throwaway demos we did before we took over the world (joke). So I need to get started.

A brief summary of what I’ve done so far, then.

'The Countdown': which is fairly melodic with an attempt at a resigned sigh for a chorus. It’s got a nice bit which is either a bassline or a guitar melody, I'm unsure which.

'Oh Boy I Know': because everyone's got to write a Big Star song at least once.

'Whatever You Want From Me': Which is short and a bit silly, just 45 minutes of choppy guitars and buzzy synths.

'Career': Which is my mainstream country rock classic. OK, it just sounds a bit like The Silver Jews in places.

'Best Idea': the title doesn't refer to the song; it's a kind of droney, repetitive mostly instrumental thing that's supposed to get louder and louder but I don't have any guitar pedals to help. It's probably an attempt to sound like 'Sing' by Blur.

Might try and force one or two of them on Assistant...

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