Monday, October 03, 2005

spam / gig

Oh god, I got 61 comment spam messages over the weekend. How the hell did that happen?? Annoyingly, they don't all seem to be on recent messages, meaning that comments boxes all over the site contain idiotic imperitives to buy viagra and make money now and I can't just delete them quickly. Groan.

So I've put word verification on in the comments boxes, sorry. This means that when you want to leave a comment you'll have to type in a certain word to prove that you're sentient. If it really irritates you then let me know and I'll turn it off and just delete all spam comments manually - but this should save me some time.

Ok, now for some spam from me: come and watch my pop groop play at the Pavilion Tavern this Wednesday as part of Brighton Live - onstage at 8.30, free to all and lots of new songs and fun. Other bands are Fractured and My Device.
the Royal Pavilion Tavern, 7–8 Castle Square, BRIGHTON, BN1 1FX Tel: 01273 827641

Set List - most or all of: theme, sixteen months, august song, getting away with it, criticism, anything for you, drinking with you, get away, nothing else, known to run.

come and say hello if you can make it x

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