Monday, October 03, 2005

patrick caulfield

Many of us wish we knew a lot more about a lot more things, and there are few areas which I wish I knew more intimately than art, which is a subject for which I can not do expertise but have mastered enthusiasm. There are about ten paintings, moreover, about which I know comparitively little and yet feel without doubt that they are of real importance to me. Hockney's Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, Chris Ofilli's No Woman No Cry, Stanley Spencer's Swan Upping at Cookham, Lucien Freud's Leigh Bowery (Seated), and Begging For It by Gary Hume are just some examples. Another picture which I know so well I don't even need to see it any more is Patrick Caulfield's lovely After Lunch. Caulfield died on September 29th and that painting has been lovingly reprinted throughout the British press in the last few days. So here's another painting by Caulfield, and a link to his obituary from today's Guardian.

'Still life: Autumn fashion', 1978, by Patrick Caulfield (b. 1936)

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