Monday, May 14, 2007

even mindless violence seems boring today

I promised Dave that I would give a full and frank account of his contribution to the pub quiz last night, as he was miffed that I spitefully left him out of my last appraisal of our team's fortunes (still top of the league!). I am happy, therefore, to rectify matters, although any account which fails to take into account that Andrew got us to third place pretty much single-handedly, would be slightly disingenuous. Nevertheless, it was jolly nice to have Dave chipping in, as it was the other members of our unusually large team last night.

The majority of us (well, everyone except Andrew) rolled in kind of late last night, arriving after a first round which we miraculously did pretty well on (thank god it was Andrew who arrived early, rather than me), just in time to start being slightly louder and more disruptive than necessary, probably because we'd all had dinner and several bottles of wine first. Mike, who is the quizmaster, gave us stern looks and looked at his watch, pointedly.

Dave, wanting a good write up, began his quest for notoriety by, erm, pretending to fall asleep and occasionally murmuring 'oh god', but was soon livened up by me and Dan taking an interest in a copy of Socialist Worker on the table, inciting him to start crying "it's all so boring!!!", repeatedly. Suitably woken, he spent the rest of the night shouting out answers, swearing, and drawing pictures of swastikas on every bit of paper he could find. We played our traditional drawing games, where you have to draw something and the next person writes it down. After a bit, Dave just started writing 'Dan is a Nazi'.

I realise that in describing him in this way, I have made him sound almost exactly like the psychopathic Vyvyan from The Young Ones, but he is in fact a mild mannered and sensitive young man.

Actually, thinking about this, it occurs to me that I repeatedly sound, both in this blog and in real-life, like the pretentious, egotistical, pseudo-liberal saddo Rik, which is a disturbing parallel.

Damn, wish I'd never started this now.


Dave said...

I'm not a Nazi!

jonathan said...

Yes, should perhaps have made that clear - Dave is definitely not a Nazi.

He's a nice chap.