Tuesday, May 01, 2007

i catch an electric shock from you

"Is everybody having a good time? Well let's see what we can do about that."

I'm annoyed that I'm actually in the same part of the world as the inaugral Jesus and Mary Chain comeback gig and unable to actually go, although of course California is so big that I was still hundreds of miles away from the event - but I'm still wistful looking at today's Guardian and seeing that the Mary Chain knocked out a pretty magnificent set. According to John Moore, who drummed for the band in the 80s:

"Jim and William Reid are the most unstable elements since nitro and glycerine, and few people would have been surprised by ten minutes of feedback, swearing and somebody getting whacked with a microphone stand. Instead, they stole the show, sounded better than ever, and created a seismic wave that obliterated Folkstone the next morning. As if this wasn't enough, they capped it all by utilizing Scarlett Johannson's tonsils on Just Like Honey - utterly sublime."


The least impressive aspect of my being out in San Jose is that my laptop has broken, so I'm borrowing another to write this - sadly it doesn't have a sound card, so I can't check out the stuff on youtube, but I bet it's ace.
Photograph: Kevin Winter/Getty Image


annsaphone said...

Jesus and Mary Chain are playing at the Meltdown festival directed by Jarvis Cocker in June. Shall we go?

jonathan said...

Oh wow, yes, definitely! Don't know if we have much chance of being able to get tickets to the Mary Chain show though!? They go on sale at 9am on Thursday apparently - think you could try to secure a couple? Will sell out absurdly fast. Can't do much from California, unfortunately.