Tuesday, May 08, 2007

assistant blog digest ep. 2

It occurs to me that I was in such a rush to leave for the US last week that I never got round to publicising the fact that the new episode of the Assistant Blog Digest podcast was released on the 27th April. Just in case you didn't get it automatically (if you subscribed to the original then it should have just turned up automatically in your iTunes library), here's the place you need to go to get it from iTunes. If that doesn't work for you, try the XML feed (which is compatible with bloglines, iPodder etc) or, failing all else, just download it as a straightforward MP3 by right clicking and saving on the link below.

Assistant Blog Digest - Episode Two.

Any comments much appreciated - it's a bit rougher round the edges than the first one, but still enjoyable I think

FYI, it seems to download way faster if you grab it through iTunes, dunno why. You can get the first episode in the same place, obviously, or here.

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