Wednesday, March 28, 2007

new and notable

The Assistant Blog Digest is now listed as 'new and notable' on iTunes. For those of you who have had difficulty using that application, or can't utilise the XML feed, here's a straightforward copy of episode one as an MP3.

Assistant Blog Digest - Episode One.

More info on the podcast can be found here.


Dave said...

Nice one chum.

Ali P said...

Not entirely relevant I know, but during my crash course in all things 'blog' I have learnt that it's a very good and jolly decent thing to do to put lots of 'pings' to your friend's blogs in to your posts...then you might, if lucky, get 'ping backs'. If anyone had told me that webstuff is just an extended etiquette lesson I would never have been so squeemish about it.

Don't even get me started on meta data, tagging and wire frames. I'm officially a web-bore. Hurrah

(except haven't yet mastered downloading of your blog round up onto ipod...will endeavour to do so)

jonathan said...

That's exactly right - I'm always really pleased to see someone mentioning my blog on theirs, it's nice - a compliment of sorts, or like overhearing someone saying something nice about you.

By far the best way to get a little community of readers, too.