Saturday, March 24, 2007

assistant blog digest

Assistant Blog Digest is a new monthly podcast from Assistant Blog. It rounds up a month's blogging by picking out the most interesting posts from this here site and collating them in a half-hour(ish) long audio format. Read by me, in my best plummy English tones, and containing a litany of half-starts and stutters, I hope you enjoy it. Subscribing via the iTunes music store will mean that new episodes turn up unasked in your iTunes folder towards the end of every month. iPod users will find the enhanced MP3 contains chapters to aid navigation - in other words, if you skip the politics posts here, or the more personal ones, you can do the same quickly and easily on Assistant Blog Digest. Lastly, the podcast is, of course, entirely free, and any and all feedback is keenly appreciated.

This link - provided by Apple - is not 100% reliable, but it should take you to the Assistant Blog Digest page on iTunes. If it doesn't, load up iTunes independently, go to the music store, and search for 'Assistant Blog'.

For non-iTunes users, a direct link to the MP3 will follow shortly. Those of you who access podcasts through bloglines, ipodder, google reader or another RSS/XML feed aggregator, you can find - and subscribe to - the XML file here.

The podcast on iTunes, for the curious, should look like this:

Let me know if you encounter any problems.


Chris said...

Great. You've got a review up already, have you seen it?

In the screen-grab you put up, I couldn't help noticing that you have a 2007 release by Stephen Malkmus in your directory. Do you have a prerelease?

Bloggers4Labour said...

Aren't you clever? Am downloading it now.

jonathan said...

I'm kind of clever. It works quite well, but I edited it a couple of hours ago and now the pretty pictures have disappeared from the chapters - not sure why. They turn up in iTunes but not on my iPod. Have to try to figure that one out. Anyway, hope you like it - lemme know what you think.

Chris - thanks for the comment; no, I don't have a pre-release. I don't even know when the new Malkmus LP is due. That 2007 album you spotted is a live recording of a gig in Portland a month or two back. It does contain a lot of new stuff, though - including one track, Real Emotional Trash, which is right up there with his best. The link for downloading it is here.