Tuesday, March 06, 2007

me in black and white

Ooh, look, I'm passing a bit of time in an apple store in birmingham - and there's a little gadget that lets me take photos of myself. Let's do that then. Here I am.


anneso said...

i like the first one!!! very nice

Ali P said...

Very intense. I've never noticed those eyebrows before either. I sometimes wish I was a man purely because it must be nice not to have to worry about plucking them.

I love apple shops. The ipod Bose speakers are awesome. Reckon we could all ditch our hi-fis and just get them.

jonathan said...

Ali, the bushy monobrow takes a lot of work, you know. It may look unkempt, but in fact it is plucked and shaped daily by a crack team of trained nightingales, who swoop and peck at it with a great deal of care.

Anne-So, you should have seen the gormless mug-shots I binned before I got to those two! I did keep this one, too, once colour had been invented.