Thursday, March 15, 2007

i just decided i don't trust you any more

"The tender caresses that bring out the man.
I can't still be drunk at five.
Oh, I guess I surely can.
Slowly your beauty is eaten away,
By the scent of someone else in the blanket where we lay"

I absolutely adore The Wedding Present, one of the the best bands Britain has produced; from shimmering C86 indie to the carnage-pop of the Albini years, they've been resolutely singular, bitter and brilliant. Dave Gedge remains one of pop's great frontmen, an awkward, dour romantic with a reedy voice and an amazing ability to write heartfelt, direct lyrics. Like The Fall, they're too monochrome for some, but I love that consistency and single-mindedness of purpose. Every song surfs this incredibly poignant wave of heartbreak and jealousy, underpinned by double-speed guitar savagery. Amazing band. Anyway, you can now purchase their entire Peel Sessions in a 6 CD boxset - 94 near-identical songs for £27. Bargain of the year.

Get it from Amazon from the end of the month. And how many male indie-rockers would write stuff like this?

"And is it sexist to say
that I thought just boys were meant to behave in this way?
You seemed quite sincere.
Will you even recognise my face this time next year?

And yes there was one particular glance
that made me afraid
That you were just seeing me as a chance
of getting laid".

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Andrew Brown said...

Too good to be missed I'd say.