Tuesday, May 29, 2007

passive agressive communication

This is a lovely little idea; a blog which collects examples of that most delightful method of communication, the passive-aggressive note. Is there a single one of us, anywhere, who cannot recall an example of an intemperate message we have found directed at us at one point or other? Such a shame I didn't think to keep examples that I received (or left) over the years. As much as the angry ones are funny, it's the 'friendly' notes I like best, for they so obviously mask the deadliest hostility. The following is taken from the site - take a look at their other examples, it's well worth a look. (via)

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Ali P said...

yes, yes! I used to leave some just plain agressive ones in Compton when the kitchen deteriorated into plain minging. I hear now that DC has taken over this tiresome little job. I however, always ended my 'do your F**King cleaning you lazy sods' with a big happy smily face.....slightly psychotic!