Tuesday, May 29, 2007

see you again, nat

My friend Captain Natalia moved away from Brighton this weekend, and has returned to Barcelona - she's also deleted her blog, which is the first one in my essential blogs list down to the right. Anyway - two messages: Nat, firstly, we'll all really miss you and we love you lots, and are looking forward to seeing you again before too long. Secondly, start that bloody blog up again. Now that you're so far away we've all the more reason to read it so that we can know what you're up to! I think Blogger need to add a feature that only deletes blogs completely after seven days, so that you've had sufficient time to mull over whether you did the right thing or not. I suspect that thousands of decent blogs have disappeared into the ether as a result of an impetuous and much regretted decision. Ah well. Lots of love from me and all in 7 Dials, Nat.

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