Wednesday, May 30, 2007

hair and history

From the age of 13 through to the age of 16 I was absolutely desperate to be Tim Burgess of The Charlatans. He was awesome; cool, beautiful, self-possessed. In those days he even wrote mysterious, meaningless lyrics which I sang sotto voce and didn't understand ("mouth like sugar, shiver / finger lashes, stick on"). And he had cool hair.

From the age of 14 through to, er, now, I was, and am, absolutely desperate to be Stephen Malkmus, of Pavement and the Jicks. He is awesome; cool, clever, self-possessed. He writes mysterious, meaningless lyrics which I sing sotto voce and don't understand ("seventeen anteaters / sequestered in a room / with the sisters and mothers of famous gluttons I don't know"). And he has cool hair.

It's Tim Burgess's birthday today! And Steve Malkmus's! Happy birthday chaps.

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Kat said...

well, at least they are geminis. :P
(is it very odd that i'm pleased that the baby a friend of my sister's just got had the decency to wait a few more days in order to become a gemini? very very wise baby.)