Wednesday, July 16, 2008

vote tory, (don't) go green

Shocking, ominous stuff from the Guardian:

David Cameron has failed to convince many of his MPs that man-made global warming is a serious problem, according to a poll that finds widespread sceptisicm across parliament about the issue.

A third of Tory MPs who responded to the survey questioned the existence of climate change and its link to human activity. Two-thirds said tackling climate change should not be a priority for local councils.

A significant number of MPs from other parties also told the survey they had doubts on the issue. Overall, the results suggest that up to a fifth of the MPs who have been debating the UK's climate change bill do not understand, or choose to ignore, the science on which it is based.

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Ben said...

That really is frightening, especially in the light of the claim by Ofcom that C4's 'The Great Climate Change Swindle' didn't actually deal with controversial subject matter because the issue was settled once and for all prior to its screening in March of last year...