Tuesday, July 01, 2008

rhonda's sketches

As an antidote to party photos, which may well accurately evoke something of the event (usually the hedonism or, cruelly, the boredom) but inevitably miss much else, here are a few drawings courtesy of Rhonda, who sat with an amused smile for several hours in an armchair at Dan and Laura's joint birthday party, capturing an element of the party which I remember strongly, and which is more in evidence here than in any of the evening's photos; the dressing up and the talking, the interplay between the guests.

Cameras at parties so often tend to draw the focus, arrogate attention until they break up the contents of the viewfinder. Practically every set of party photos I've ever seen - except for those taken by the very talented - seem to summon up the same party and the same guests.

These I like much more.

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