Friday, July 25, 2008

lots of hits

Ooh, just noticed this in the sidebar.

Not far off 200,000 hits, which I think is rather amazing, really. I realise that half of those stats are probably me reading my own blog on the occasions when I forget to block the counter from recognising my own visits, or my mum and dad tuning in or something, but still...

If you're reading this and the stat counter on the right is bang on 200,000, then grab a screenshot and send it to me and I'll - probably - buy you a pint (if you live close by) or make you a mix CD (if you don't, or are mystifyingly teetotal).


Bloggers4Labour said...

W00t! I win!

Don't worry about the pint, and well done on the hits - you were my blogging inspiration after all!

Sadly this means someone in the United Arab Emirates doesn't get a mix CD :-(

dan said...

I was 200,010..

your ever loyal reader