Saturday, July 26, 2008

on karadvic

Just a quick post on this hot, too hot day to send you scampering off towards Dan's excellent Hii Dunia site, where there is a quite brilliant article on the capture of Radovan Karadzic. It posits the question "What does Karadzic’s arrest mean for Serbia, for BiH, for international law and the European Union (E.U)?" Its author, Alice Bloch, has written a really engaging post - go read it.

Here's an extract from her introduction:

Radovan Karadzic, 63, was accosted on a Belgrade bus on an otherwise mundane Monday, July 21st. This principal architect of the war in Bosnia and coordinator of the Srebrenica massacre (killing 8000 muslim men in 5 days in 1995), had been in hiding for thirteen years. During this time he had written a play from an unknown hiding place. Entitled “Situation”, it mocked the west’s attempts to capture him. Today, arrested and uncovered, Karadzic’s play, set in Belgrade, is laughably anachronistic, one scene too short. The world has watched the bearded and devout-looking Dr. Karadzic’s unmasking (and unmaking) with no less incredulity than that of a child seeing a Scooby Doo villain unveiled in a fantastical cartoon. But this is not the end of a cartoon, but a hunt for a war criminal accused - on 15 counts - of genocide and crimes against humanity.
Here's the rest.

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