Tuesday, July 08, 2008

the pace of things

From Michele Hanson's column in the Guardian today:

"People are forever coming round here glaring crabbily at my computer because it isn't fast enough. It takes one whole minute when it ought be taking a nano-second. They sit there, desperate to get online, and to them the huge seconds trundle by, each like the passing of the longest night. Unbearable. "You need a new computer," they complain rattily. "This is ridiculous."

No it isn't. It is heaven. I switch it on, it has a little warm up, I go into the garden and deadhead a few daisies. Clip, clip. I count the froggies in the pond. I come in, I press connect, I turn to the piano, I practise a fragment of sonata, I return to the screen, I press mail, I give the dogs a kiss, I come in, I arrange my coffee and biscuit, and voilĂ  - the computer is ready. It has taken a few brief minutes."
Great stuff.


jimmy said...

This seems to be like a very healthy relationship with technology

Will said...

it is if technology has a healthy relationship with life