Sunday, July 13, 2008

roman rock in hanover

After a Friday night drinking in Seven Dials, last night we decided to undertake an expedition over to Hanover for a drink with some friends who are based over that way, and strolled along to The Constant Service, a nice, fairly quiet pub halfway up the sharp slope of Brighton's most villagey district. Walking in we noted, however, a drum kit and guitar amp sat in the corner room and, anticipating a lot of noise, made our way out - via the bar, where for some reason we were made to barter beer prices - to the pub garden.

Mark and Lou were giggling. "Did you see their name on the kick drum?", Mark asked.

I shook my head.

"The Brown Stripes", Lou told me.

After half an hour or so of drinking in the balmy air, we realised that a band were taking to the stage inside. I glanced into the window, and saw a middle-aged man striding on stage dressed as a Roman centaurian. I blinked, and glanced at my beer. The drummer followed him on, dressed identically.

We watched through the glass, and began to look at each other, exchanging surprised glances.

"They're dressed as Romans", James said.

"They do seem to be dressed as Romans, yes", I agreed.

"Look, even the sandals", noted Lou.

"Sandals are very fashionable", Mark replied, knowledgably, "I read it in the Guardian".

The band started up and played for about two hours; enthusiastic cover versions of rock standards, TV theme-tunes and a rather wonderful cover of 'America, Fuck Yeah', from the crude but very funny Team America: World Police film, which they recalibrated into a song that went:

Fuck yeah!"

I wonder if they ever play in Seven Dials. Do they skip this one?

Once or twice we venture in to go to the bar, and note with alarm that the place is full of very enthusiastic audience members.

I muse that my band was never received with such gleeful abandon, and order another drink.

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