Monday, November 12, 2007

wriggling child

As Siobhán indicates over on her art blog, we spent some time this weekend in an art shop in Cambridge, and I was surprised to note that canvases are not quite as expensive as you might think. We picked up a few very small ones which were only a couple of quid each. Later that day I picked up a pen and started idly sketching on one, quite forgetting that I'm not used to drawing with a view to adding paint, and soon realising that what I'd drawn was not really well suited to the medium. In the end I just added a layer of paint in the background, but enjoyed mucking around with real canvas regardless. Next time I'll try something more ambitious.

After I'd drawn it my mother took a look and said "oh, you can draw, can't you, I never thought you could". She says this every time she sees me do a drawing! I don't blame as her I used to kick up a terrible fuss about doing my art homework, and always leant more towards books. But I have always liked drawing, making collages, tape covers. Talking with Vic in the pub last night she repeated her observation that she thinks I could - and perhaps should - have done more art, maybe even studied it. Dunno about that, but anyway - interesting.

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