Monday, November 19, 2007

pepsi challenge

I've just been watching Mark Thomas's excellent Dispatches documentary on Coca Cola, which was been both intriguing and engaging. Towards the end, Thomas, who likes Coke better than Pepsi, takes the Pepsi challenge, and does a blind taste test. Surprise surprise, he can't tell the difference between them, despite his stated preference.

Now, I'm well aware that this is what happens to a lot of people when they do this; despite their prejudices they can't tell which is which. Which got me thinking, could I detect the difference?

My girlfriend drinks Pepsi and I drink Coke (when she's not drinking gin and I'm not drinking beer), and whenever I have some of her chosen beverage I recoil, telling her it's too sweet, sickly, horrible. She in turn will drink coke only under duress.

So, I'm gonna give it a try tomorrow. Unfortunately right now I'm sat in a hotel room (with no mini-bar) so can't do it now, unless I brave the cold and go out to get some (no chance). So I'm blogging this now to force myself to do it tomorrow. Not least because I'm all enthusiastic now, and tomorrow I'll look at this and think, why did you think that was interesting?


Laban said...

Well ? What's the result ?

(and how long have you had the beard ?)

Dan said...

As an open Coke addict (Coca Cola) though I've not had any since Friday (believe me, thats a long time) I can sadly tell the difference between the two.

Coke is nicer. Its less sweet than Pepsi and has a sharper taste.

However that overlooks all the complex marketing Coke and Pepsi both do. They are waging a world War for the loyalties of the Developing World at the moment, wih Coke 'winning' in Africa and Pepsi getting the upper hand in South Asia. Its all quite complex as to whether it affects the locals in a positive of negative way. Perhaps J can blog about it?

Anyway, yes Coke is it!