Thursday, November 01, 2007

making merry with noise

I'm not writing so many songs at the moment, mainly because I've only got so much time and I've been focusing on other things. But a few weeks ago I was suddenly struck by the desire to sit down with my computer and guitar and plug in my 4-track without a song to play or any real intention of writing one. So what ensued was basically just five minutes of fuzz and echo and I'm neither proud of it nor embarrased. My fondness for the track, instead, derives from the pleasant memory of recording it, remembering that after ten or fifteen minutes of plugging in my guitar I was sat in the middle of the floor banging a glockenspiel with one hand and detuning a handheld radio with the other. Occasionally, if I remember rightly, I leant across to flick on the portable airpump which came with my camping mattress.

I tell you all this only so that you can adjust your expectations accordingly.

The song, if that is what it is, follows.

Assistant - Shapes (home demo) [4.51 mins, 4.4mb]


Powerful Pierre said...

It sounds like something from a Wire Tapper CD, which is of course a compliment.

Dan said...

I really like this too. A superior effort.

Its sounds like;

40% Mogwai (but more uptempo)

10% Arcade Fire

15% Explosions in the Sky

5% KLF (the vocals for some reason reminded me)

30% A band called Orange Can

Ants annoyed at how talented you are.