Wednesday, November 07, 2007

rich man votes tory shocker

He's not exactly the most popular footballer in the country, but he does have one of the biggest wage packets. Which is perhaps why everyone's favourite rotund midfielder, Frank Lampard, has come out as a Tory. What a coup for Cameron! According to the man himself, who was lucky enough to have a one-to-one meeting with Mr Cameron, "I had a really good chat with David. As a footballer I don't want to get involved with the campaigning thing but I am a Tory and I really like David Cameron."

There's more - one of his 'friends' added: "Frank has got some very strong opinions on the way the country should be run. People tend to think of footballers as being a bit one-dimensional but Frank takes pleasure in talking about big social issues when he has guests round to dinner. He's bright and engaging. The Tories would do well to be associated with him. He's clearly a role model for younger voters to get interested in politics."

There goes the last of my remaining sympathy for him at the harsh treatment he gets from England fans...

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