Tuesday, November 20, 2007

pepsi challenge update

Right, yesterday I boasted that unlike some, I would be able to taste the difference between Coke and Pepsi. So today I picked up a can of each (yes, my life really is this exciting) and carried out no less that three taste tests, each a few minutes apart.

Here are the results:
Round one: Initial taste of the first drink was that it was incredibly sweet, but still very nice. I pegged it as coke and tried the second, expecting it to be sweeter still and not so nice. To my surprise, it tasted exactly the same, although with a slightly more sugary aftertaste. So I concluded it was Pepsi, and opened my eyes. It wasn't, it was Coke. WRONG.

Round two: Just couldn't tell them apart this time - no discernible difference. Again, looking for the sweeter option to identify Pepsi. In the end, more or less by chance, decided the first can I was holding was Coke. Opened my eyes. Nope, it was Pepsi. WRONG.

Round three: Really trying this time; swilling each around my mouth and looking for differences. In the end I just couldn't spot any. Decided I was holding the Pepsi this time. I think you can guess where we're going here. I was WRONG again.


Weirdly, when I can see that I'm drinking Pepsi, it tastes sweet and cheap. When I can't, it tastes just like coke. This just backs up the power of branding, I suppose, but I'm genuinely surprised I can't tell the difference.

At present, if a shop only has Pepsi, I plump for a different drink altogether, 7-up or Lucozade, so loyal am I to Coke. God. Does this mean that in future I won't turn down Pepsi and will abandon my preferential treatment of Coca Cola?

I know this sounds utterly insane, but I don't think so. I still feel like I don't like Pepsi, even if I have just proved that this is not so.

Annoyed I did that test in the first place now.

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Will said...

I will try this challange as well possibly with my wife Joanne. Im a Pepsi man myself and she is Coke. I'll make sure i let you know our results if you like?