Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am five years old

Ooh, I just noticed that Assistant Blog is exactly five years and one day old. Blimey.

Accordingly, and in order to find out what the rest of the year will bring, I just looked up "typical five year old behaviour" to see how the blog will pan out in months ahead. Here's what to expect.
The typical five year old...

May learn to turn somersaults (should be taught the right way in order to avoid injury).
Demonstrates fair control of pencil or marker; may begin to colour within the lines.
Cuts on the line with scissors (not perfectly).
Understands concept of same shape, same size.
Recognizes and identifies coins; beginning to count and save money.
Asks innumerable questions: Why? What? Where? When?
Eager to learn new things.
Vocabulary of 1,500 words plus.
Tells a familiar story while looking at pictures in a book.
Recognizes the humor in simple jokes; makes up jokes and riddles.
Produces sentences with five to seven words; much longer sentences are not unusual.
Speech is almost entirely intelligible.
Enjoys and often has one or two focus friendships.
Plays cooperatively (can lapse), is generous, takes turns, shares toys.
Participates in group play and shared activities with other children; suggests imaginative and elaborate play ideas.
Shows affection and caring towards others especially those "below" them or in pain
Generally subservient to parent or caregiver requests.
Needs comfort and reassurance from adults but is less open to comfort.
Has better self-control over swings of emotions.
Likes entertaining people and making them laugh.
Boasts about accomplishments.

If the above list is anything like a good summation of this blog (which, oddly, I think it is), then I'll be happy.

Thanks very much to everyone who has read, and continues to read, this thing. To the next five years....


Anonymous said...

congrats, Jonathan. not read your blog for five years, but always enjoy dipping in. roll on the next anniversary!

Will said...

Well done Jonathan!! 5 years!!
I’m just getting used to 1, 2, 3 year olds. By the way I wouldn’t trust wiki for advice on age development. There are 1001 more dependable websites available