Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This Sceptred Isle

The new series of Radio 4's stunningly ambitious This Sceptred Isle, which now turns it's attention to Empire, began yesterday. With over 90 episodes, it should be a rare and uniquely detailed treat. But how wondeful it would have been if the BBC had taken the opportunity to make it available as podcasts! That would be great. I realise that the tapes and CDs of This Sceptred Isle represent BBC Audiobooks most successful cash-cow and they're anxious not to upset that, but I'd gladly pay a subscription for podcasted episodes of this, or they could just issue low bitrate versions which would be less likely to impinge upon sales. Ah well - just an idea and sadly one they've chosen not to pursue.

You can at least listen back to previous episodes online if, like me, getting to a radio at 3.45pm is sadly impossible - click here to listen to yesterday's episode.


Mark Holland said...

They're working their way through the 18th century on BBC7 at the moment so there's probably 4 or 5 to be heard now on their "listen to the past week's output again" page

Anonymous said...

I have listened to all the Empire episodex . . . but missed the opening one titled 'no grand plan'. Does anyone have an mp3 they can send me? philip.usherwood@hotmail.com. Thanks. Philip Usherwood