Friday, September 02, 2005

fuck off charles clarke

I just read in today's Guardian that:

Today Mr Clarke gave an interview to the Daily Mirror emphasising his personal experience of violent crime, and declared bluntly: "I don't like liberals."

He told the paper: "I am not soft. I am neither woolly or liberal or a woolly liberal.

"I have never been liberal in my life. I don't like liberal with a capital L or a small l."

No? Well, fuck off then.


Laban said...

That's not very liberal.

Shouldn't you be trying to understand him ??

He might have had a bad upbringing or been bullied at his public school.

Dirk said...

I guess you are on vacation.

jonathan said...

well, kinda; away on a work trip, manning a conference stand, speaking to authors, feigning confidence. Have been back about ten minutes and am fighting off the advances of my attention-starved cat. But will blog when I have had a beer and a sit down... :-)