Friday, September 23, 2005

completely unbelievable news!

If ever there was a time to set the video it'll be on November 17th at 4.45pm, where, astonishingly, Mark E. Smith will read the full time football results on the BBC's 'Final Score'. According to Playlouder:

"A longtime football fan and supporter of Manchester City, Smith will read the results on BBC One's Final Score television programme on Saturday, November 17th.

A Fall spokesperson said that "the programme's producer's are obviously big fans of the famous left fielder."

The band's 'Theme From Sparta FC' has recently been used as the title music on television football coverage gubbins.

The Fall's new album, 'Fall Heads Roll' is out on October 3rd."

Surely not!! They're not going to let him on live, are they???? Talk about a loose cannon!


Rush Murad said...

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Bloggers4Labour said...

Blimey. What are the chances we'll be seeing the test card within 30 seconds? Did you see him on Newsnight after JP's death? "Cantankerous" is a good description.

What a fantastic idea, though.

Del said...

That's absolutely marvellous! My fave bits of Mark E Smith folklore are his appearance on Adam and Joe's vinyl justice, where he drunkenly bundled them both out of his house, and a great story where he was booked to DJ on Mary-Anne Hobbs' Breezeblock show on Radio 1. He turned up blind drunk, so the producer had to play the records for him.

I can't wait to his response to the Man Utd result...

another jonathan said...

Well I must admit to being in two minds about this rather odd carry-on. I mean what exactly is the point? They're the football scores for God's sake, you either want them read out by someone with a clear voice and the right intonation, or, if you're not interested in the football scores, then you don't watch them, do you?

It could be worse though. It could be the radio scores. For a minute I thought they were thinking of usurping James Alexander Gordon with a guttural indie pop legend. Now that really would be reason to march on BBC HQ in protest!

Anonymous said...

Its gonna be 19th November - 17th is a thursday